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Business Manager Jerry Kalmar

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Spring means many things to many people. To the Local 39 Training Department it means full speed ahead with the beginning of the 2015 Spring Semester. It also means new classes, seminars and training opportunities available to you, the Local 39 Membership.

This spring the excitement level within the Training Department is higher than ever before, as we continue to develop new and improved offerings in familiar and some not so familiar geographic locations.

In the fall of 2014 we opened the new Stationary Engineers Local 39 South Bay Training Center located within the Santa Clara Valley Labor Center (Cover Photo). Since then we have been growing our South Bay Training Center by leaps and bounds. As you review this, your new Local 39 Training Department 2015 Course Catalog, you will see that we are currently offering more classes than ever before in the South Bay.

Spring is also time for new beginnings. So what better time than the present to announce some of the many new additions to this spring’s course offerings. As you page through your catalog look for the new 8 hr. seminar entitled “Water Treatment for Boilers”, and our newest 3 hr. seminar entitled “Thermal Imaging for Practical System Maintenance” to mention a few. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a close look at the new 9 week course entitled “Air Conditioning – (Strictly A/C)”, or the newly formatted 8 week “Wastewater Operator State Certification” seminar.

Of course while your Local 39 Training Department is busy developing the extensive course curriculum you see offered here, they are also constantly on the lookout for the many regulatory changes that are continuously introduced and updated within our industry. What this means to you the membership is that when you take a class, you can be assured that it will contain the most recent industry updates available to us at the time that the class is conducted. NFPA 70E Low Voltage and NFPA 70E High Voltage and Fire Pump Testing Prep. are just a few that come to mind.

In closing Brothers and Sisters, while I have no doubt that you as Local 39 Members are the best and the brightest this proud nation has to offer, I encourage you to “stay on top of your game”. Take advantage of all that is available to you and “Spring” board your careers to new heights by signing up today.

Jerry Kalmar
Business Manager / IUOE Vice President